Friday, August 25, 2006

Truck Driver Loses His License Due to Identity Theft Imposter's Tickets

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A Miami man's driver license was suspended after
an identity thief
in another state accumulated
multiple traffic violations in the
victim's name.

Since the identity theft victim must hold a valid

commercial driver's license, a divorced father
of one child, he may
lose his job.

"This is to notify you that your driving privilege
is suspended
by the State of Florida effective
Aug. 22 for a period of 30 days".

What's more disturbing about this latest identity theft case, is the
Miami victim can not even fight back against the traffic offenses in
court because the identity thief who allegedly got the tickets and
paid all the fines. The Miami victim, however, has never even left
the state of Florida.

If the Miami area identity theft victim doe not prove his innocence
soon, he is most likely facing an automatic one-year suspension
because the person who allegedly stole Fernandez's identity hit
a pole and left the scene of the accident in Pennsylvania.

''I have a child to support''

Moreso, this identity thief operating in the northeast part of the
country (not the southeast like Miami) committed a number of
vehicular infractions using his victim's alias causing the Florida
DMV to suspend his license:

On Jan. 18, Fernandez was ticketed after being
stopped by police in New York for failing to
obey a traffic sign. On April 7, he was in
Danbury, Conn., where he was ticketed for
having an out-of-state license for more
than six months as well as equipment
problems on his truck.

By July 4, he had made it to Greencastle, Penn.,
where he illegally changed lanes, hit a pole,
then fled. On July 31, Fernandez returned to
Queens, N.Y., where he was ticketed for a
series of problems with his truck.

''This sounds like a legitimate beef,''

Although the Miami identity theft victim can produce
time sheets and other documentation to prove his
innocence, he may still ultimately lose his
driver's license because
federal laws does not have a
excuse as in the case with personal

The identity theft victim in this instance is not
sure how the thief got his personal information, but
he did recall two years ago when someone in
state used his credit card but the
blemish on his
account had been successfully

This case is a prime example of how identity theft
can continue to be a crime against the
innocent for
many years. It also points the
need to check your record thoroughly and not
just limit your scrutiny to credit reports.

Knowledgeable industry insiders commonly know
there are over 400 other data repositories
holding your most sensitive and confidential data

Any of these 400 data repositories could be now
holding the results of the misdeeds of

The risk is too great the odds being 400 to 1
that a single incident of identity theft
ruin your financial future. Or, in
the case of this poor Miami man, his
immediate future due to the loss of
job and income and potential
custody of his only child.

So, our tip for today is to seek the most
comprehensive edge we know of to easily
check the over 400 different data
for identity theft which do
NOT have
anything to do with
credit reports
, but can definitely
cause you the type of financial pain
suffered by this Miami area identity
theft victim.

We've found, using this source, instances
criminals in other states with similar
and last names but different middle
who's records could easily get
mistaken for
your own - causing the loss
of job, income, & even freedom through arrest
for outstanding warrants.

We highly recommend it to balance against
only checking your credit report.


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is very scary what you've exposed.

400 other data bases that I had no idea could be in & they aren't even reflected in my credit report.

The thought of losing one's job in this economy is scary enough, but having it come from someone impersonating me is even more creepy.

Thank you, Agent 99 for really opening up my eyes to what options I need to pursue.

At 10:43 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

Thank you very much for your kind words.

It is what we strive for as former identity theft victims ourselves.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

...and in a related article, check out:

"Discover the Shocking Truth" behind a man who was sent to prison due to an identity theft imposter.

At 7:14 PM, Blogger Ed Dickson said...

Nice post - it shows how bad it is for a victim.

This is the gentleman's job!


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