Saturday, September 16, 2006

Identity Thief Preys on Working Mothers

During a hectic morning, already running late for
the drive to work, you are victimized right outside
your child's preschool daycare center by an identity

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Yes, an identity thief, evidently emboldened by many
prior successes, did exactly that against a Florida
mother and is suspected of having stolen the
of more than 100 other Hollywood
area women
using similar tactics.

''I think it's prey on a mother with her kids".

Evidently, this identity thief specialized in victimizing working
who were distracted while dropping off their children at local
area daycare centers and pre-schools.

Quite successful too, as his own twisted work from home scam,
for when he was thankfully arrested by local police they found
the following:

  • Personal Identity Information (PII) on at least 115 victims
  • 60 Passports, Bank Checkbooks and Retail Gift Cards
  • A Computer Printer for Creating Fake Checks
  • Lists of Broward County School Employees
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Birth Dates
  • Social Security Numbers (ssn)

He pushed the mother down to the ground and smashed
the passenger side window of her car and proceeded to
steal her purse.

Illustrating the speed and boldness this identity thief
operated by, only 45 minutes after stealing that
mom's purse containing her personal information, this
criminal was out calmly purchasing gas for his car
his new victim's credit card.

Just like a lion stalking and preying on "easy targets"
of opportunity, this identity thief kept trophies of
his success that were found by the arresting officers
indicating there were many more victims of his violent
approach to identity theft credit fraud:

  • 25 Gucci or Coach Handbags
  • 40 to 50 pairs of designer sunglasses
  • 20 Personal Digital Assistants (pda)
  • 10 iPod mp3 music players

So, our tip for today is if you or someone you know was
the recent victim of purse snatching near any child day
care centers in the following Florida communities contact
your local police immediately:

  1. Hollywood
  2. Pembroke Pines
  3. Cooper City
  4. Weston
  5. Davie
  6. Bamford

After speaking with law enforcement authorities, also make
sure to contact any of the three major credit bureaus to
place a fraud alert on your credit file to minimize the
damage of unauthorized purchases using your name.

Finally, for all other working moms (and dads too), make
sure to give yourself an extra 20 minutes of time in
the morning's child care drop off schedule. This way you will
be less apt to be distracted and to become an easy mark
for this type of violent identity thief.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throw this guy underneath the jail.

The very thought of a criminal who specialized in stealing from working mothers right in front of their children's day care center is beyond reprehensible.

I would hope who ever the judge is that passes sentence on this violent identity thief throws the book at him by giving him the maximum allowable sentence.


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