Monday, June 25, 2007

Secret Service Busts $14 Million Identity Theft Ring

The U.S. Secret Service has cracked down on an international
ID theft ring that is responsible for more than $14 million
in fraud losses according to a recent InfoWorld article.

The story continues with:

The arrests were part of an undercover investigation
into the activities of an online criminal known by
the alias, "Lord Kaisersose," who is "associated
with Internet sites known for identity theft and
financial fraud activities," the Secret Service said.

Investigators found more than 28,000 stolen credit-
and bank-card numbers as a result of this operation,
the Secret Service said. "Fraud losses associated with
this investigation have exceeded $14 million," the
Secret Service said.
So, chalk up a win for the good guys in the ongoing fight against
identity theft criminal rings.


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