Monday, October 15, 2007

Recent Identity Theft Survey Reveals More Americans Fear Identity Theft

In a recent poll sponsored by the office super store
giant, Staples, over 7 out of 10 Americans indicated
an increased fear of identity theft from just two
years ago.

According to the Staples web site:

"A national survey conducted by Staples, Inc.
(NASDAQ: SPLS) reveals that 72 percent of
Americans are more concerned about identity
theft today than two years ago, 52 percent
are unsure they are doing enough to protect
their identities, and 43 percent wish they
had more information on how to protect

The survey also shows only 51 percent of
Americans are shredding junk mail, such as
credit card offers (an unsuspected source
of identity theft), and 43 percent of
shredder owners surveyed use strip-cut
shredders, which do not protect personal
information from identity thieves as well
as cross-cut shredders."

We, agree wholeheartedly, using a cross
cut shredder is one of the most cost effective
measures you can deploy against would be
identity thieves getting your bank or credit
card statements to commit fraud in your

So, our tip for today is to invest in a shredder
which most often times will cost less than
most people often spend on
entertainment and
dining out in a
typical month.

This simple step, however, will pay back even
greater dividends in you avoiding the thousands
of dollars involved in a typical case of identity
theft and credit fraud.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger agent99 said...

For the 43% - 52% of Americans who are either unsure or need more information on how to prevent identity theft, tell your friends and associates about Id Theft Secrets.

We've been identity theft victims ourselves and for the past 6 years our mission is simply to inform others of strategies and tips to prevent you from experiencing the frustration and expense this crime brings to your financial well being.


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