Friday, March 10, 2006

2 Million Identity Theft Victims At Risk in LA

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In a major security breach of Los Angeles
government office records, at least 2 million
residents could be subject to identity theft
from as far back as December, 2005.

A local woman admits to taking 13 boxes
which were later returned after learning they were
filled with confidential consumer information.

Some records containing highly sensitive personal
information such as:
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Work place
  • Salary data
  • and more...
were found in the trash and/or in "boxes filled
with government files sitting in a parking
garage on Vermont Avenue".

The boxes also contained, according to the report,
the personal information on clients and employees
of the Department of Social Services (DPSS) which
identity thieves would love to have:
  • W-2 forms
  • Home phone numbers
  • Medical records
  • Doctor's notes on patients
What's even more shocking in this report, is
the DPSS is evidently not willing or
able to
notify the 2 million Southland
of this security breach involving
their most trusted personal information.

(Note, if this were a bank or credit card
company such as Bank of America, it would
reach national scandal proportions within
the major media outlets.)

So, our tip for today is if you have had
any dealings with the DPSS as either a
client or employee, run - don't walk -
to your nearest phone or internet terminal
and get enrolled in an automatic credit
monitoring service for your credit and
banking accounts. In addition, order up
your credit and public records profiles
just to make sure there are no "hidden"
identity theft time bombs lurking in
name just waiting to explode your good
credit rating and financial well being.

Finally, please contact any friends, family
or former associates of the DPSS to notify
them of this security breach.


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