Thursday, September 21, 2006

Identity Theft Family Affair Nets Fraud Mastermind

A mother and her two kids, all capable identity
thieves, schemed how to simultaneously accumulate
7 residential properties split between two Pacific
Northwest cities using $500,000 in fraudulent
loans timed to trick the lender's audits.

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This family of identity thieves then used the real
estate properties as adult foster care facilities
and collected substantial rents from their
occupants to generate a steady income.

When the lenders never received any payments on
the real estate loans which defaulted, the family
of identity thieves would promptly leave town
for their their next soft target of opportunity.

"...has committed fraud her entire adult life
and used her children to further her schemes..."

"...directed the actions of her children, recruiting
them into her criminal schemes and teaching
them a
lifestyle of deceit at a very young age."

To support our claim there was a criminal master mind
of identity theft & financial fraud operating within
this family, take notice of a brief summary of their
crimes courtesy of the U.S. Justice Department's
court case against this family:

  • Credit card fraud scheme
  • Fraudulent car loans
  • Fraudulent collateral for bail bond
  • Fictious credit histories (for bank loans)
  • Fictious Assets & Incomes (for bank loans)
  • False IRS form W-2s (for bank loans)
  • False IRS form 1040s (for fraudulent IRS refunds)
  • Identity theft of kidney transplant candidates

With a long history of dedicated identity theft
practice in operation, the mother and her children
managed to commit fraud in both Canada and the USA.
Within the USA, this identity theft ring operated in
Washington and Arizona before being apprehended.

So, our tip for today is to be especially wary of
the resourcefulness of professional identity thieves.
Not only credit monitoring, but also your public
information profile (pip) are prudent ways to
catch the often times faint signs of identity theft
committed in your name.

Remember credit reports were never
designed to
monitor fraudulent tax
returns or property liens
in your name.

Serious identity thieves, like this "grand dame of
identity theft" know this fact and will take full
advantage of you should you not have an
detection mechanism deployed
for your financial and public information


At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With a mother like this one, these kids never really had to worry about hanging out with bad kids.

The mother, identity theft grand dame, was more a negative influence than any bad kid could have ever been.

At 12:28 AM, Anonymous mswalker said...


Ma Barker lives again, only this time she doesn't use a gun.


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