Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Man Beats Wife into Coma Then Steals Her Identity

In a tragically sad story of how low the human spirit
can sink, a California man beat his wife into a coma,
then stole her identity while he was out on bail.

It seems the husband, or should we say accused wife
beater and identity thief, stole his comatose wife's identity
merely to pay his bail bond and lawyer fees - plus buy
a home.
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The husband, though, had a willing accomplice who aided
him in the identity theft credit fraud committed against
his wife while he was still in jail for the assault. His
mother, the identity theft accomplice, forged
the wife's
signature to make him co-owner of
the home
which had been solely the wife's.

Plus, the husband got the home refinanced and arranged to
have $224,000 from the transaction deposited to his
wife's savings account - which he had joint
access to.

Why would this man go to these great lengths to commit identity
theft against his own wife that he'd beaten into a coma?

Well, let's see what law enforcement found from the paper trail
left in the wake of his identity theft spree as he:

  • Managed to secure a $500,000 bond for his jail release
  • Applied for a credit card in his wife's name
  • Issued two cashier's checks totaling $112,000 for himself
  • Issued two checks totaling $60,000 to his parents
  • Paid $27,000 towards his bail
  • Paid $10,000 for his criminal attorney fees
  • Put down $18,000 for a new home
  • He also tried unsuccessfully for a $16,000 car loan

With a repeated criminal pattern exhibited by this identity
thief, no wonder it was simply a matter of time before he
was re-arrested and back behind bars.

He's now being held in prison awaiting a court hearing at
the end of this month. This time is bail is set at $1 million.

So, our tip for today is to be on guard for what is now
appearing to be a much more desparate and violent new
breed of identity thieves. As in the earlier story we
exposed about the Florida man who preyed on working
mothers, identity theft continues to spiral further out of
control towards dangerous new depths.

Use prudent, common sense and be wary of anyone who's
attempting to gain control of your financial assets. It's not
uncommon for a significant percentage of identity
victims to be known by the criminals who
defraud them
of their financial future or in this instance
their personal health and safety.

Finally, to protect your assets and insure the handling of your
personal financial affairs is executed within the limits of your
desires if incapitated, seek out capable legal advice for a living
will or estate


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly a sick individual.

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous los angeles bail said...

How sickening.
How does someone do that to his wife. I usually did not think Identity thieves would actually physically harm you.
Although, i think you are right This is a "much more desperate and violent new breed of identity thieves"

Thank you for posting.


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