Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Protected Identity Theft Scam Run by Inmate From Prison

How is it a man convicted for id theft can orchestrate
a seven state identity theft scheme - while still behind
bars in prison? And, legally be protected from search
and seizure of other people's personal information.

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Apparently, this con called Holiday Inn hotels claiming to be
a company executive and told the hotel clerks law enforcement
was hunting for an escaped convict who may have checked in
to their property.

"He is extremely intelligent.

He is just not using his intelligence legally."

Evidently so as hotel clerks proceeded to give the con
mastermind the following confidential data on their guests
thus making them targets for identity theft:

  • Names
  • Room Numbers
  • Credit Card information

The inmate, still locked up behind bars, but evidently with
plenty of phone access rights would then call the targeted
hotel guests. He would now pose as an official of the
guest's credit card company claiming there was "unusual
spending" on the targeted credit cards of his intended

Unbelieveably, this inmate would then ask for
the personal
identification number (pin) on the
back of the credit card.

Let's quickly review the information this industrious inmate
was able to collect while locked up behind bars as a convicted
identity theft:

  1. Names
  2. Credit card account information
  3. Credit card PIN numbers

Basically, with this information our inmate could easily
online or via toll free catalog call centers
without the need
to worry about payment.

His unsuspecting victims, courtesy of Holiday Inn, would
now be responsible for the fraudulent purchases.

But, even more astonishing was this inmate
also managed
to acquire traffic tickets from
a local area court house
containing other
people's personal information.

Prison officials could NOT confiscate those tickets as they
are considered legal documents and as such are part of
the protective rights of the inmate.

How ironic is it that a convicted inmate has legal protection
over the rights of other people's personal information?

Criminals, such as this identity theft mastermind, have
demonstrated how adept they are in understanding and
being able to easily exploit the loopholes of our legal and
penal system.

Think again if you feel completely safe against identity
theft in its many forms.

So, our tip for today is to guard well your personal

Not just credit information, but also your public information
profile (pip) should be regularly checked to clear your good
name for any suspicious signs of identity theft fraud especially
the often times hidden types such as fraudulent traffic tickets
which can easily cost you hundreds of extra dollars in your car
insurance premiums.

Remember, the criminals have the means, motive, and the time
to figure out how to beat the system and make you a victim - if
you do not take action to defeat them first.

Finally, tell a friend or associate about the shocking truth of this
ironic story.


At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...

This really did happen?

That's awful that inmate had that much access to a phone to conduct his criminal activities.

Something is v-e-r-y wrong in America when a convicted person has the right to gain access to innocent people's personal information and NOT be confiscated by prison guards.

I hadn't ever given much thought to a parking ticket being the source of identity theft. Certainly not how it could cause me higher insurance premiums or even false arrest.

Wow, you guys really opened up my eyes to a murky world of crime.

I guess the best thanksgiving I can have this year is to get my credit and public profiles checked out.


At 5:02 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

Michelle said...

Something is v-e-r-y wrong in America when a convicted person has the right to gain access to innocent people's personal information...
We agree with you, Michelle.

Something is wrong with this instance and every other instance where a criminal can get their hands on your personal and/or highly confidential information.

This article illustrates one good reason to practice a policy of "Deny" & "Detect".

"Deny" criminals the countless opportunities which exist to steal your information & commit fraud.

First, make sure to opt out of prescreen and marketing lists along with the numerous data sharing agreements widely practiced by info brokers.

Secondly, "detect" suspicious activity on your banking and personal information accounts.

Make sure to take advantage of credit & account monitoring as your very own burgular alarm. By limiting the time an identity thief has to defraud you, can make a major difference in your potential loss liability.

Finally, this time of the year identity theft can more easily get lost in the sheer volume of holiday shopping transactions.

Take time, before the holidays and take advantage of your ability to get a "free" credit report, medical, & general insurance report as well to investigate your public information profile.

You will find the small amount of time invested doing these steps will save you an inordinate amount of financial grief.

Make it a Happy & Identity Theft Free Thanksgiving!


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