Friday, December 07, 2007

Identity Theft Couple Caught

In what has been called the Bonnie & Clyde of identity theft, a Philadelphia area couple faces charges of committing an estimated $100,000 in fraud to fund their rich life style.

identity theft bonnie clyde
identity theft bonnie clyde

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the couple stands
accused of identity theft, forgery, unlawful use of a computer
among many other offenses.

"Their fraud scheme, estimated at $US100,000 this year alone, paid for jaunts to Paris, London and Hawaii and other luxury perks, including Kirsch's stop at a salon for $US2200 worth of hair extensions, police said."

Police uncovered evidence of their illegal trade
during a search of the couples $3,000 per month
luxury apartment:

"...four computers, two printers, a scanner
and an industrial machine that makes ID cards.

Police also found $US17,500 in cash, dozens
credit cards and fake drivers' licences,
and keys
to unlock many of the apartments
and mail
boxes in their upmarket apartment

Evidently this Bonnie & Clyde couple really did
plan to ply their illegal practices in the area of
identity theft as the apartment search revealed:

"...turned up a book titled, The Art of Cheating:
A Nasty Little Book for Tricky Little Schemers
and Their Hapless Victims, as well as a newspaper
article on How to Spot Fake IDs."

So, our tip for today is especially for multi-unit
apartment residents.

To prevent from becoming an easy mark for the
next enterprising identity theft Bonnie & Clyde
team, have your mail delivered to a USPS box.

To further thwart identity thieves from intercepting
your bank and credit card statements, have
those stopped altogether from delivery by enrolling in
secure online only access available from your lender.

Remember, identity thieves now represent all facets
of the population and only have one common trait:
to steal your identity and ruin your credit to
fund their
greedy lifestyle.

Use these tips to stop them from making you their next
victim and make sure to warn your friends & family members.


At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What were these two thinking they would not get caught?

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous B Draper said...

I had someone use my credit card to purchase a very expensive laptop in another state. I did not really believe in id theft much until then. I think I am going to check out some programs. I found this site that has a quiz. Its not much but it gets you to thinking.


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