Friday, January 11, 2008

EDS To Provide $1,000,000 Free Identity Theft Coverage

EDS, the Plano, Texas data services firm, announced today
it will provide one year of free identity theft insurance and
credit monitoring for 260,000 Wisconsin residents whose
Social Security numbers (SSN) were mistakenly revealed
on mailing letters sent by the company.

According to the Houston Chronicle article:

The Social Security numbers wound up
being outwardly visible on brochures
sent to Medicaid and other insurance
participants when data fields were
merged to create the address label.

Kenny described the mistake as human error.

Wisconsin's Department of Health and Family
Services has asked the state's attorney general's
office to investigate a possible lawsuit against EDS
for the error. Department Secretary Kevin Hayden
said he believed the error violated the company's
contract with the state, as well as state and federal
privacy laws.

This error by EDS effects 260,000 Medicaid,
BadgerCare and SeniorCare participants
who were mailed over the holidays.

So, our tip for today is if you or someone you
know may have been impacted by this mailing,
please contact EDS immediately to get more
details on their free years worth of identity
theft protection services.

EDS can be contacted at:

5400 Legacy Drive
Plano, Texas 75024
(800) 566-9337
(972) 604-6000

Please make sure to also tell a friend or associate.


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