Friday, September 22, 2006

25,000 Identity Thieves in LA

With California known as the "Golden State",
identity thieves have made Los Angeles their
prime hunting ground for victims.

25,000 cases of identity theft were reported
for Los Angeles county during 2005 with the
projection for
this year is expected to easily
surpass that
record number last year.

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Due to the sheer volume of cases needing
investigation, a special identity theft
task force estimates they only have
power to address 10% of the
total reported.

Evidently the thieves are also aware of a
$2,000 theft threshold before law
will even investigate.

"Thieves will take someone's credit card
information, charge under $2,000, then
take out another credit card and charge
under $2,000, so they never get caught."

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department
indicated they have experienced a ten
fold increase in identity theft
during the past 7 years.

While local legislators are being asked
to help contribute additional funding
to hire more investigators, the identity
thieves have a comfortable head start
for now with that other 90% of the
reported cases which do not ever

Want to lessen your odds of being in
that 90% bracket to becoming the next
identity theft victim?

Well, our tip for today is to seek out
your very own protection. Just as the
criminals have traded in their guns for
internet connected computers loaded with
fake document production capability, get
your own high tech identity theft

Enroll in a quality credit and bank account
monitoring service which will automatically
forward you wireless or email alerts whenever
suspicious activity takes place against the
threshold values you establish as normal
transaction volume.

With 90% of the known identity theft cases
being too small for police, but large enough
for criminals to pursue, your odds to
a fraud victim far outweigh
the chances of
winning the lottery
anywhere in America

So, remember, it's no longer an option to
wait further before pursuing monitoring
protection, but rather a right of self
for your financial future
and immediate credit safety.


At 12:24 AM, Anonymous NightOwl247 said...

My goodness - 25,000 - that's almost half a baseball stadium filled with just identity thieves for a single city?

Ok, you guys really made the point with this article.

Get protection or get screwed by an identity thief.

Btw, I still playing the lottery if nothing else makes me feel better about the identity thieves.

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lately I have heard considerable informaiton about electronic identity theft which I find to be equally or more scary because means for protection seem more unknown and difficult than simply applying for better credit cards with more cautious banking centers.
People must begin to consider more secure e-mail options such as encryption software available from the site above.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger agent99 said...

As a quick update to our article, it has been subsequently reported by CBS that additional funding has been secured to enable law enforcement to investigate a larger amount of identity theft crimes.

$1M Approved For Identity Theft Investigations

In that CBS story, the author says:

"As many as 65,000 cases of identify theft occurred in Los Angeles County last year, but only about 25,000 reported, according to law enforcement officials."


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