Thursday, December 21, 2006

Million Dollar Id Theft Ring Busted from Errant Phone Call

All the illicit gains, $1,000,000 worth, came to a crashing
halt when
a phone call was made to the wrong person. It
seems the identity thief
while attempting to impersonate
a police chief inadvertently called the
father of the actual
local New York police chief.

Million-Dollar-Id- Theft-Ring-Busted-from-Errant-Phone-Call-audio-post - click to play

It seems the scam the identity thief and his criminal
associates would call cell phone owners and claim to
be the authorities attempting to save the victim from
identity theft.

In the case of the call to the father of the local New York
police chief, the phony caller claimed someone else was
attempting to purchase an airline ticket using the police
chief's credit card number.

The scam would then work when the intended victim would
provide more personal information to the caller which would
enable the real identity theft fraud to occur. The identity
thieves would, using the now stolen personal info, would
then make fraudulent purchases or wire transfers.

Fortunately, in this case, the father of the police chief smartly
realized the scam and immediately acted. He also evidently
had caller id and captured the phone number of the identity
thief calling.

After reporting the attempted to scam, with the caller's phone
number, to local police the identity theft ring was busted and
are now facing up to 25 years in prison each.

So, our tip for today is realize anyone making unsolicited
calls to you requesting your credit card, bank
account, social
security number (ssn), or even date
of birth (dob) information is
most likely an identity
thief scammer.

The scam only works if you provide the information
(usually under duress) from an artificially created
"emergency" scenario portrayed by the caller.

If there is any doubt the caller is real, immediately
request the company's
full name, physical location,
& toll free phone number

Then hang up and call AT&T's long directory assistance operator
to verify the number is actually associated with the company
name and location provided by the original caller.

If not, you now have the opportunity to provide a fraudulent
caller to the phone company thus saving yourself and others
from being scammed from a now obvious identity theft criminal.

The toll free number to call AT&T is 1-800-555-1212.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Nathan said...

It seems like they are almost getting desperate now, i mean just cold calling people for their information is rather humomous.

These people can catch many of us, however if we just take a step back and listen to what they are saying when the opportunity presents itself, we could be alright.

For those of us without caller ID and whatnot, we need to be prepared to give the person false information, such as credit card information etc.

One idea would be for large corporations (microsoft etc) to give their employees a fake credit card number etc to give if they are put in that situation. That way it will be possible to track transactions with this fake credit card and each employee will have a distinct way to act in this situation instead of panicking or worrying about somehow leaving themselves vulnerable.

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