Friday, January 20, 2006

Comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention & Resolution Services Now Available

We've recommended in the past the need to utilize
multiple weapons in your fight against identity theft
fraud. Especially, now that in 2006 the odds for
Congress approving a national disclosure law have
improved which will not only pre-empt tougher state
laws, but also serve the needs of big business over

So, it's really necessary for consumers to arm themselves
against the on-going identity theft growth trend.

Typically there's been many key pieces of the puzzle
you've needed in order to enjoy a comprehensive
defense against identity theft:

  • Credit report snapshots & on-going credit monitoring
    with exception alerts
  • Verification of your social security number (SSN)
    benefits and/or associated name not being used by
    another person
  • Public record checks of your background to catch the
    non-credit report items; especially for un-warranted
    criminal activity -or- bankruptcy filings under your
  • Medical and insurance record checks for fraudulent
    claims by identity thieves
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) checks for faulty
    accident reports
  • Bounced or bad check reporting by retailers and
    banking institutions
  • And even more sinister databases used for Patriot act
    or sex offender screening

These repositories we have helped to expose these past
months are allies in your defense against identity theft.
We've advocated the use of ALL of those repositories as
necessary components of your fully empowered identity
theft prevention strategy.

However, until just recently, we were not aware of any
source which effectively combined ALL of these individual
identity theft tools into a single, affordable service which
provided you the opportunity to take back control of your
personal information.

That is until today!

We've learned of a new company, started just last
month, which is dedicated to providing a single point
of service for a fully comprehensive suite of the best
theft prevention AND resolution services
available within the U.S.

That resource is known as Identity Rehab, a Denver
based firm, which publicizes itself as the "complete
identity theft solution".

identity theft

Identity Rehab offers an identity theft "snapshot"profile
of your identity and personal information across 13 separate
data repositories used by employers, banks, insurers, and
other companies which determine what rates you may
qualify for (or, if at all). In addition to the "snapshot"
report, they will also provide an on-going monitoring
of your profile across these disparate repositories.

Plus, as part of their positioning as a complete
solution provider, Identity Rehab also offers
consumer advocacy services for when you need
a place to turn for advice on how to correct the
many sources associated with your identity.

Combined or even selected as separate services, we
believe Identity Rehab holds the key to unlocking the
puzzle for consumers to finally enjoy affordable but
comprehensive identity theft prevention across the
numerous credit and non-credit point solutions
available today.

So, our tip for today is to check it out and take advantage
of this affordable full service solution to fighting identity
theft while saving yourself time and money.


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