Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Identity Theft Prevention Tip for Credit Card Purchases

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"Here's another quick audio tip from Id Theft Secrets blog.

With all of the reports the past year of major security breaches
involving sensitive credit and personal information, it's no wonder
many consumers may be hesitant to use their credit cards - especially
for on-line purchases.

While the vast majority of identity theft involves offline methods for
harvesting your account numbers, here's a couple of helpful tips to foil
would be identity thieves:

When shopping offline, like in a retail department store, never let
the sales clerk put your credit card account number on a check
or any other document not associated with a purchase on your account.
(Special note, this is against the law in some states.)

When shopping on-line, take advantage of your credit card provider's ability to issue random "virtual" account numbers. This way you will
never have to give out your real credit card number on-line.

Please note, while this feature is a no-cost option for on-line shopping,
it can not be used for purchases (like movie or sports event tickets)
which require you to show your credit card at the time of pick up.

This has been another quick audio tip from Id Theft Secrets blog.

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