Thursday, July 26, 2007

Identity Theft Firm LifeLock Prevents Cops from Prosecuting Thief

An identity thief who opened a loan suing the stolen
name and social security number (ssn) of the
Lifelock's co-founder can NOT be prosecuted
according to police.

It seems the company coerced a taped confession
from the identity theft suspect before the police
could finish their investigation according to the
Ft. Worth Star Telegram:

"It makes it not prosecutable," Moore said. "The confession
isn't usable in court. We can't use anything they got on their
video or their conversations because it was coerced."
To illustrate how Lifelock's co-founder deliberately operated out of
what appears to be a self serving act of shameless promotion:

"Police were awaiting subpoenaed records from
AT&T to verify whether the Internet Protocol
address was linked to the same suspect identified
by a private investigator hired by Davis.

But Fort Worth police Sgt. J.D. Moore, supervisor
of the major-case unit, said Davis went against his
advice and had a film crew tape the suspect's
confession in Davis' rush for justice."
And the article goes on to point out the impact Lifelock's
action had with the local authorities:

"That makes them judge, jury and executioner,"
Moore said.
This latest over the top act by Lifelock coupled with their
founder's suspect past, illustrates the need for consumers
and identity theft victims to be wary of big claims by
company spokesmen who might stray from ethical
and legal standards in the pursuit of quick profits from
others suffering from the ravages of identity theft.

So, our tip for today is to check out the track record
of companies claiming identity theft prevention services.
Unfortunately, there are those johnny come lately outfits
who put their own profit taking motives in advance of
helping people avoid this horrendous crime of identity


At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a scumbag!!!

This type of behavior from
the head of an identity theft
prevention firm!!

Thanks, Agent 99 for helping
to expose this makes
me reconsider who to trust for
my identity theft prevention
and avoid all the hype IHMO.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

You are welcome.

We're glad you
find value in
our mission to
provide usable
tactics to prevent
identity theft.


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